What makes us special

 The KCO Community

The KCO (Knowledge Communities Observatory) community brings together business representatives and researchers who explore and exploit the role played by knowledge and innovation communities in the development of organizations. We believe in the hybridization of professional practices and theoretical insights to stimulate reflection and collaborative innovation.   

Our positioning

In 2015, the KCO - Knowledge Communities Observatory - created by Karine Goglio Primard, started to gather member companies that co-produce with researchers in the form of action research.

From a sharing club we have become an expert learning community in the field of communities and we are also interested in other forms of collaborative organizations more informal than the classical structures, favorable to the exploration of new practices.

We promote:

  • Cooperation between researchers and practitioners with an action research methodology  
    Research that has an impact in our ecosystem
  • Research that can be used by companies, practitioners and Kedge Business School students
  • Research areas focused on the study of new forms of organization and commitment that promote collaborative innovation for new uses:

New forms of organization (communities, all forms of collaborative organizations that are more informal than traditional structures, favorable to the exploration of new practices).  

New forms of individual and collective commitment at work and management enabling companies to orchestrate these communities to exploit their work.  

New uses (innovations: technological, social, societal, environmental, managerial, new business models, innovations in methods to integrate the issues of customers and other stakeholders impacted by innovation).  

Our activities

Within the KCO community and in interaction with our ecosystem, we organize events and intervene on subjects related to our field of expertise:

  • Practice sharing workshops
  • Inter-company days
  • Conferences, Research Symposiums
  • Consulting, Training and Coaching

Our values

We are convinced of the benefits and richness of the interaction between business practitioners and academic researchers.

We have experienced the power of this through recognized works, connecting theoretical insights to economic realities.