Our impact

Our research activities within the KCO community impact business, research, the academic community and students:

Impact on business 

  • Explore the role of communities (internal / external / mixed) in the development of companies and innovation.
  • Promote experience sharing (good and bad practices), mutual aid and experimentation
  • Benefit from the experience of renowned academics in the field, from Kedge and the Kedge international academic network (HEC Montreal, Beta CNRS-University of Strasbourg, Etienne Wenger, University of Grenoble, University of Technology of Troyes -UTT etc.) 
  • Develop new tools and practices to serve the communities
  • Develop consulting, training and coaching in the field of communities

Impact on research

  • Conduct relevant research and publish research articles based on case studies on communities drawn from KCO member companies 
  • Publish a special issue, in a ranked journal, associated with each KCO Symposium
  • Test the relevance and resonance of our academic developments (hypotheses, methods, concepts) with KCO companies

Impact on the academic community

  • Give voice and access to our events (KCO Symposium, KCO Research Seminars, KCO Workshops, Kedge Insights Breakfasts...)
  • Meet and talk with Etienne Wenger-Trayner
  • Collect and share academic publications

Impact on students

  • Write case studies or classroom exercises based on real-life situations - testimonials from business leaders in class 
  • Enrich the "internship and work-study" offer for students, especially in business engineering